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Lady Liberty Surf T-Shirt

Lady Liberty Surf T-Shirt

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*100% of the proceeds of this item go directly to our mission of providing injured and disabled veterans with custom surf equipment and a community to surf with.

Introducing the extraordinary Lady Liberty Surf T-Shirt, a captivating blend of American patriotism and the thrill of riding the waves. This incredibly soft T-Shirt showcases an iconic image that embodies freedom, courage, and the spirit of adventure.

At the center of the design stands Lady Liberty, the iconic symbol of the United States, holding her torch high in one hand, illuminating the path to liberty and justice for all. In her other hand, she confidently wields a surfboard, representing the boundless passion for the ocean and the exhilarating sport of surfing. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of each Lady Liberty Surf T-Shirt go directly to One More Wave, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing custom surfboards to wounded veterans, allowing them to find healing and joy in the waves.

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100% Donated to Our Cause

We created this store as an alternative to cash donations, all the profits directly support our Veterans!

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