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Chapter FAQs

What is a Chapter?

A Chapter is simply a local group of people who would like to meet and surf together.  The Chapter is based on military veterans and active duty service men/women, but everyone from the general public is welcome and encouraged to come and enjoy the ocean.  We are family friendly.

What is the schedule like for a 3rd Saturday?

Each location will have a beach permit for 4 hours (locations differ) typically from 8-11 am.  When you arrive, simply look for the One More Wave tent to see where everyone is gathering.  There is normally no schedule of events other than if we are presenting surf boards (grants) to “Riders” we try to get it knocked out first then get the new boards in the ocean!  You are welcome to come and go as you wish.  1MW does not provide anything aside from a spot to meet and some shade should you need it ! There is normally some free coffee, surf wax, and a couple stickers to grab.

Where do we meet to surf ?  

We have several locations to include; San Diego CA, Oahu HI, Surf City NC, Virginia Beach VA, and New Smyrna Beach FL.

When do Chapters meet to surf?

Each Chapter meets at its particular location on the 3rd Saturday of each month and generally from 8-11 am.  - Each location may be slightly different on time-

How do I join a Chapter?

Simply complete and submit the form on this page! 

On the form, you will indicate which chapter you would like to join, sign our waiver, and be given instructions on how we communicate with the groups through a free app called GroupMe.  

Each chapter has one or multiple Chapter leaders who will post upcoming surf info within the app for each chapter.  GroupMe is also used to let member post about when and where they might be surfing aside from 1MW 3rd Saturday events.

I have enough social media. I don’t want GroupMe!

Totally fine! That's the reason we host all events at the same day of the month and and time, easy to remember. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram we also post reminders there.  The only downside is you wont have contact with the group to meet outside of 1MW 3rd Saturday sessions should you wish.

I would like to learn to surf, can I attend a surf meetup and learn?  What type of gear do you provide?

1MW does not provide surf instruction or equipment at 3rd Saturday surf events.  We are simply providing a meeting spot to link up and hop in the water.