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Poseidon Challenge Coin

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Check out our new limited edition Poseidon Challenge Coin, featuring the earth shaking, wave making, grand daddy of the sea in black & teal on one side, and our black & white medallion on the other. Each coin also sports a serial number imprinted along its matte black rim.

Some say the ancient tradition of challenge coins pre-dates the Roman Empire, serving as tools for battle traveled warriors to tell a whole tale with out uttering a word. This coin won’t do that… But it may get you an invite to a sunrise session!

This is the third limited edition coin we have released, and there are only 100 coins available for purchase. Once they are gone that’s it, that’s all.

Make sure to pick up the matching Poseidon t-shirt while your at it to complete the set!

100% Donated to Our Cause

We created this store as an alternative to cash donations, all the profits directly support our Veterans!

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